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Dragon Nest gold couldn't be more different from Vindictus, Nexon's other new title. Where Vindictus is all about "elegant brutality," Nexon describes Dragon Nest as "kinetic and beautiful."The free-to-play model is increasingly popular in the MMO industry, and the powers that be at Nexon say there's a good reason for that -- in their case, at any rate.There's been quite a bit of talk coming out of Nexon from the time of the GDC -- revealing two games, more news on the venerable MapleStory, and even a developer initiative announced shortly before the conference.

Ever since the Diablo franchise hit it big with gamers across the world, competing companies have attempted to replicate Blizzard's addictive click-and-loot gameplay with varying degrees of success.Nexon America is coming to the Penny Arcade Expo this year, and they've released two very cool new Dungeon Fighter Online and Dragon Nest gameplay videos.From Korean developer Eyedentity Games comes a brand new MMO called Dragon Nest that bills itself as a "dynamic action fantasy online game", and uses Eyedentity's own proprietary Eternity Engine technology.Following a trend that promises to benefit all players on a global scale, Dragon Nest gold is said to be accessible to those with lower-end computers, thanks to the low polygon count and streamlined graphics engine. Beta testing will begin in late 2008, with a projected global release date of 2009.Dragon Nest is a melting pot of MMO styles. Its gameplay is firmly rooted in the action-RPG setup of its forefathers, yet it goes beyond mere mindless hack-and-slashery to roll out an epic storyline as players progress through the world. Several cutscenes will attempt to engage you in the tale as you meet new characters and travel to distant lands.Fortunately, the combat is more than satisfying. Nexon promises that geography will factor into the fights, such as being able to knock enemies off ledges and using obstacles to your advantage.

And when you do crush your enemy into submission, they explode into gratifying bursts of items and gear. As Dragon Nest gold said while we played, "It's like popping loot piñatas."This game has seemingly come from left field with combat that looks as though it were ripped straight out of a console action RPG. If you're into these games at all, it should be good times soon enough when they officially release in North America -- DFO sometime soon and DN next year.

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