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Dragon Nest gold was given a level 45 character, a Lunar Knight, one of the new classes coming with this patch, to try out on the test server. Calling your game an "unrivaled action RPG" is a pretty daring thing to do. After all, we play in a market that offers games like Vindictus, TERA, Dragon Nest, and Dungeon and Dragons Online. Action-based MMOs are nothing new, really, but they do seem to become more extreme with every new title that comes out.

Where Vindictus goes for dark realism and DDO strives for classic gameplay, C9, aka Continent of the Ninth Seal, goes for over-the-top combos and incredible boss battles.Dragon Nest's anticipated Lotus Marsh update is currently on its way to North America, where it will raise the game's level cap to 50 and open the Lotus Swamp town. If the Korean version of the patch is any indication of the expansion's content, it should also bring five new dungeons, the second job advancement, and the Archbishop Nest. The main thing I love about Dragon Nest has got to be its stylized graphics. I have always preferred stylized over realistic graphics, although Dragon Nest fills in its virtual world with more "realistic" stylized graphics.

There are wonderful scripted events, and every time I found myself confused or lost, I just had to slow down and make sure to watch the are tossed aside; minibosses crumble under sword. If smashing things into powder is your thing, Dragon Nest gold is the perfect choice. This new content pushes those violent boundaries even further. Even if I missed instructions, the dungeons are laid out in a way that helped me figure out what to do.As I played through some of the newer areas, for example, the game would pause to show me a new cutscene. I use a zone to go to the next area, but it feels natural because the pacing of the game is already set up for zoning. I kill a baddie, get some loot, and move on the next baddie in the next zone.


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